Sonnet Submission Instructions

Up to three sonnets may be submitted for each entry fee. Sonnets should be uploaded as individual files. No changes can be made after sonnets are submitted. Please make sure your sonnets are in their final version before uploading them.

Acceptable file formats are: .doc, .docx, and .pdf. For your convenience, you may use this template to format your sonnet in Microsoft Word: Sonnet_Template (clicking the link will download the template). Simply replace the bracketed fields with your content.

If you choose not to use the template, then please follow these formatting guidelines. Include your entry number and sonnet number at the top of the page. Then place the title, or the first line if it is your title, then skip two lines and add all fourteen lines of your sonnet, double spacing each line. To assist our judges with readability, 14 point Times New Roman is the preferred font and size.

Please do not include your name on your submission. Your sonnet will be identified by your Entry Number to maintain anonymity for the judges.

Here are a couple of sample submissions that you may find useful in both .docx and .pdf formats: SampleSonnet.docx and SampleSonnet.pdf.

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