2016 Sonnet Contest Winners

(Click on a category for winning entries. All winners are listed alphabetically by last name.)

Ragged Lady – Sandra Graff
Gualala Winter – Kathleen McClung
If I Were Simple – John Reed

My Stomping Ground – Fresh Willy Churnpike
Writer’s Ritual on a Winter Night – Margaret Hasse
Carp – Leslie Schultz

[entrants 17 and under]
Silent Solace – Raelynn C. Peter
An Unusual Love Letter – Gila Winefeld


(Click on a sub-category for winning entries. Winners are grouped alphabetically by last name.)

Laureates’ Choice – Group One
Sonnet – Barbara Blanks
The morning greeting – James Brooks
Written in the Chicago Institute of Arts – Jane Callahan
Good, Gentle Blur – Lee Pelham Cotton
Illusion – Barbara Lydecker Crane
My Love’s a Mixture So Sublime – Lawrence DiCostanzo

Laureates’ Choice – Group Two
Andromeda – Anna Evans
The Jar-F!y – Christopher Goff
RE: A Sonnet in Search of an Author – Glenda Green
American Legion Post 573 – Andrea Hackbarth
My Father’s Dante – Ernest Hilbert

Laureates’ Choice – Group Three
The Last Father’s Day – Laurie Holding
The Chosen Range – Joan M. Howard
The Spark in the Dark – Molly Jones
No Solace – Lynda La Rocca
The North of Skyros – Katharyn Machan

Laureates’ Choice – Group Four
Eight Tapers Charm – James Scannell McCormick
Coral Bark Maple – Jeanetta Jones Miller
Sewing Circle – Jeanetta Jones Miller
Sonnet for Alex – Elisabeth Murawski
The Wire Said – Jed Myers
Leaves From a Partbook – John Reed

Laureates’ Choice – Group Five
Sea Rhythms – Mary Kay Rummel
The Truest Sentence That You Know – Leighton Scott
The Honeymoon – Michael Seese
Metro – Anne Sheldon
Ambition – Tim Vincent

Laureates’ Choice – Group Six
Sonnet for Marianne – Michael Warren
Nocturne – Robley Wilson
Amherst Winter Whites – Mary-Patrice Woehling

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