2021 Sonnet Contest Winners

The 2021 Winning Sonnets were announced publicly at our Virtual Closing Event on July 31, 2021. Many of the winners participated and the full recording of the event is now available on our Events page. The slide show below lists all of the winners along with the people who make the Sonnet Contest possible. It features music performed by Flutistry, the official musicians of the Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest.

2021 Sonnet Contest Winners

(The sonnets are published in a flipbook. Click here to read all of the winning sonnets.)


Fourteen — Barbara Brannon

Fats Waller: Living Large — Aaron Fischer

Benediction — Lynda La Rocca

Conflagration — Richard Meyer


Reading Matter — Philip Goldfarb Styrt

Dining Room Longing — Mimi Jennings

Shell — Scott Lowery

Bear River Pow Wow Grounds — Elizabeth Tornes

[entrants high school and under]

Nature’s Last Chance — Vivian Collins

Hot concrete, water fills the jagged holes — Brendan Downes

The Green-Eyed Monster — Natanya James

Anger — Mackenzie Olson


The Perseids — Jeff Balch

In the Woods — Daniel Cleary

A Dog's Will — Stephen Colley

Black Bird — Barbara Lydecker — Crane

Her Shaggy Ally — Anna Evans

Wolf in the Vocative — Louise Fairley

Son and Father — Mel Goldberg

How to Sip Beer — Charles Halsted

Night Shift, COVID Ward — Michael Harty

Appeal — Ernest Hilbert

G pentatonic, Maine pine — Cindy Hill

Waiting — Jean L. Kreiling

House Arrest — Jeanetta Miller

Deep Waters — Bethany Mootsey

Ave Maria — Lee Nash

1978 — David Southward

Anchored — Marty Steyer

Block That Trope — Marilyn Taylor

Pneuma — James A. Tweedie

Am I enough, in and of myself? — Sadie Wilke