2020 Sonnet Contest Winners

The 2020 Winning Sonnets were announced publicly at our Virtual Closing Event on August 8, 2020. Many of the winners participated and the recording of the event is available on our Events page: sonnetcontest.org/events/. The slide show below lists all of the winners along with the people who make the Sonnet Contest possible. It features music performed by Flutistry, the official musicians of the Maria W. Faust Sonnet Contest.

2020 Sonnet Contest Winners

(Click on a category for winning entries. All winners are listed alphabetically by last name.)


Daffodils – Anna Beecher

Bookworm, a Fragment – Arnold Johnston

30 September – Katharyn Howd Machan


Perfect Snow – Susan McMillan

Going Viral: Two – Jim Togeas

The Kiss – Steven Vogel

[entrants high school and under]

uncomfortably numb – Julia Biller

Beyond my Realm – Annika Myrup

Music – Rileigh Olson

(Click on a sub-category for winning entries. Winners are grouped alphabetically by last name.)

Laureates' Choice – Group One

Across the sleeping valley nothing tells – James Brooks

Silent Spring 2020 – Barbara H. Bryan

Ariel Unbound – Melissa Cannon

On Listening to Arvo Pärt in Lent – Louise Fairley

Filindeu for Uncle Nico – Aaron Fischer

Laureates' Choice – Group Two

A Museum: Steamboat Arabia, Excavated 150 Years After She Sank – Michael Harty

April, 2020 – Laurie Holding

The Worth of August – Siham Karami

Old Lady with No Complaints – Barbara Loots

In the Time of Contagion – Richard Meyer

Laureates' Choice – Group Three

How They Keep Us Safe – Sarah Paulos

At Sea – David Sullivan

Masking Conditions – Michael Waterson

Everything You Loved – Gail White

Reveries While Walking the Mesa on the Hottest Day of the Year – Scott Wiggerman