2017 Sonnet Contest Winners

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Year-Leap – John Beaton
Death Notes – Melissa Cannon
Suffocation – N. Colwell Snell

Midway – Jenny Benjamin
Mourning in Spring – Jane Callahan
Location, Location – Scott Lowery
Cloistered – Richard Meyer

[entrants 17 and under]
Homo Sum – Gene Masso
That Little Mirror of Mine – Emma Nasseri
Stuff – Barbara Lydecker Crane
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Laureates' Choice – Group One
Milkweed Trail – Candace Armstrong
New Year’s Measurement Against the Tree – Don Brunnquell
Desdemona Senses Her Murder – Patricia Callan
I did not know you for so many years – Jessica Cummins
In the Woods – Michael Fleming

Laureates' Choice – Group Two
Pando – Ben Gunsberg
Bombs in the Night – Charles Halsted
Black and White – Joan Johnson
Leaving the Parking Lot, I Pass a Homeless Man – Steve McDonald
Origami – Dennis Patton
Laureates' Choice – Group Three
Tobacco Dreams, 1963 – Jessica Ramer
Zen and the Art of Playing Tennis – Frank Thurmond
Mosaic – Jim Togeas
Lebensmüde – Tim Vincent
A Brief Discourse on Buddhist Philosophy – Jon Ward