2019 Sonnet Contest Winners

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For something settled in the room – James Brooks

Witoka Contours – Scott Lowery

In the city of Stabiano centuries after Vesuvius – Catherine Moran


Eros – Jane Callahan

Zebras in Sunlight – Leslie Schultz

The Chef at Home – David Southward

[entrants 17 and under]

Sunday Afternoons – Jillian Buck

Testify – Tiffany Flanigan

Sunday People – Emma Nasseri

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Laureates' Choice – Group One

Sunday Service – Britt Allen

New Stars – F. J. Bergmann

Life, as it Seems – Timothy Ennis

Watching the News with My Father – Lorraine Feather

Winding Down – Paul Freeman

Laureates' Choice – Group Two

Amending the Second Amendment – Jonathan Greenhause

Gray Out – Herb Guggenheim

Pusillanimous Poem – Arnold Johnston

Hansel and Gretel – Benjamin Lally

In Praise of Trees – Richard Lewis

Laureates' Choice – Group Three

The North of Skyros – Katharyn Howd Machan

Taking the No 11 – Lee Nash

Agaricales – Kathy O'Fallon

A Gynandromorphic Cardinal Spots a Married Couple – Jake Sheff

Portrait – Joel Van Valin