2018 Sonnet Contest Winners

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Aubade for LR – Aaron Fischer
Aphasia – Rich Glowacki
The Lady Explains – Gail White

She doesn’t sleep, this baby we brought home – Frances Edstrom
The Great Deniers – Richard Meyer
The Scribbler’s Question – Jim Togeas

[entrants 17 and under]
Dime Store Surrealism – Maryam Azizli
– Karen Li
The House on 93rd Street – Emma Nasseri


(Click on a sub-category for winning entries. Winners are grouped alphabetically by last name.)

Laureates’ Choice – Group One
At the Santa Barbarians Gate – Mike Costello
Paradise Leased – Barbara Lydecker Crane
Seven – Sandra Graff
Family Systems (IV) – Clare Harmon
Misshapen Chaos of Well-Seeming Forms – Ernest Hilbert

Laureates’ Choice – Group Two
The Dreaming House – W. Luther Jett
Bookworm, A Fragment – Arnold Johnston
Dinner time – Zahra Kasem
Seeing Her Way – Jean Kreiling
Flying Home – Ron Lavalette

Laureates’ Choice – Group Three
I’ll give you a call – Catherine Moran
Seeing Stars – Bo Niles
Dinnertime – Penny Peyser
Moonscape – Kit Rohrbach
In Defense of Formal Poetry – David Southward

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